Ribbon Report Spotlight

This month’s Ribbon Report Spotlight is Page Langley!

How and why did you  become involved with Susan G. Komen VA Blue Ridge?

On February 2013 I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 43.  After a year long journey, I had a strong desire to give back.  Myself along with four other women who had also just finished their battles with breast cancer, got together to brainstorm how we could make a difference.  We found our local Komen branch, the Virginia Blue Ridge Affiliate, and became breast educators.  Shortly afterwards we founded  a large fundraiser in Lynchburg known as Laugh for the Cure.  A comedy dinner night seemed to be the perfect idea because after all, when you are going through difficult times, laughter is the best medicine!  In a little over a week (on September 8th) we will be hosting our fourth annual Laugh for the Cure, benefiting Susan G. Komen VA Blue Ridge.

Describe an  uplifting moment you experienced during your time with Susan  G. Komen VA Blue Ridge.

It would have to be at our event, Laugh for the Cure.  Watching survivors, some that are in the middle of their journey and some that are finished, having one night where they can be with a very supportive community and laugh their hearts out!  It is a beautiful moment!

What advice would  you give to community members about Susan G.  Komen?

I tell people all the time about the many Susan G. Komen local affiliates across the country.  It is a wonderful thing to be able to raise money for an organization that gives back to people in need in your area and surrounding communities.

What keeps you  motivated and committed to Susan G. Komen’s  mission?

I have seen first hand how the money that Susan G. Komen raises helps women and men going through breast cancer that can’t afford services. Being able to take away some of their stress and help to make peoples lives easier while they are going through such a scary and difficult time is so rewarding,  Komen is making great strides in breast cancer research to find a cure which is motivation enough to keep volunteering my time!

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