THE PINK HONOR ROLL recognizes the top individual fundraisers raising $1,000+ at each race.

Members of the Pink Honor Roll receive special incentives, including invitations to selected Affiliate events, free entry into the following year’s race and recognition as a member of this prestigious group.  Additionally, as a Pink Honor Roll inductee, your name will be placed on our website and your name will be included on a banner at the Komen Virginia Blue Ridge Race for the Cure.

Thank you for your support of our 6th Annual Race for the Cure! Without your fundraising efforts none of what we do would be possible!  Combined, the 2015 Pink Honor Roll Members raised $45,780.92!!!


Carol Wray $5,200.00
Olga Christodoulides $4,395.00
Janet Frantz $3,680.00
Leecy Fink $3,167.00
Craig Floyd $2,387.00
Sherri Fleck $2,329.00
Denise Mignogna $2,000.00
Catherine Turner $1,885.00
Robert Schmucker $1,854.00
Page Langley $1,701.00
Hunter Johnston $1,589.00
Kim Lane $1,479.00
Pam King $1,441.00
Jennifer McDonald $1,423.00
Andrea Collins $1,369.00
Susan Jordan $1,335.00
Kathy Cohen $1,150.00
Keri-Lyn Coleman $1,128.00
Leah Hedrick $1,098.00
Alicia Mullis $1,060.00
Catherine Hagan-Aylor $1,059.92
Darlene Scarborough $1,001.00
Jon Bartlett $1,000.00
Cynthia Brooks $1,000.00
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2015PinkHonorRollPink HonorRollMembers