A Race Tribute

Race for the Cure 2013 was a complete success with a total of 2,317 participants. The race saw an additional 332 participants over last year. There were many more people at the event including volunteers and bystanders who just came by to join in the fun.

The Race Committee spent at least six months planning the event. This year, the group was led by Joey Coakley Beck, Ally Bowersock and Gretchen Weinnig. The committee was composed of 14 additional chairs, many of whom had subcommittee members.

The final week presented more than 200 volunteers who worked long, hard hours. Much of the work was physical labor.

Many personal stories came to light in the weeks preceding the event. Our team captain meetings were emotionally charged with so many warriors and their families and friends leaving their troubles behind for a short period of time to help others. Some of these stories were covered in the media but there were too many to be told. The stories reminded me that personal fights with breast cancer can lead to so much good.

And so, I humbly offer my thanks to all of those who were brave enough to not only tell their story but to also help others.

Ultimately, in a span of just a few hours, we raised a large percentage of the money that enables our Affiliate to donate over $318,000 to the medically underserved in our Virginia Blue Ridge locality and to provide national research. For this, there are no words to adequately express our thanks.

The day showed the promise of a brighter tomorrow – a world where future generations will not only have to endure tragedy but will reap the triumphs. Thanks to everyone involved.  Melissa