Ribbon Report Spotlight

This month’s Ribbon Report Spotlight is Decca Knight!

How and why did you become involved with Susan G. Komen VA Blue Ridge?

I became involved in 2010 after my cancer diagnosis at the age of 32. During the 2010 race my amazing team raised close to $15,000. The race started my Komen journey and since then I have served on various committees (race, fundraising, Komen Conversations, etc.) and have served on the Board of Directors. Becoming involved with Komen gave me a vehicle to reach out to those in my community whose cancer diagnosis left them feeling isolated and scared.

Describe an uplifting moment you experienced during your time with Susan G. Komen VA Blue Ridge.

There are so many, but I would say the biggest moment was in the 2010 race. I had just finished chemo and was bald. My friends and family came in from everywhere and they ran the race with me. Crossing the finish line felt like leaving cancer behind.

What advice would you give to community members about Susan G. Komen?

I love Komen because I know where my money is going. I know that I am helping women in our region get the services that they deserve and I know that I am directly supporting research. I also appreciate that many of the advances in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment have been funded by Komen.

What keeps you motivated and committed to Susan G. Komen’s mission?

I appreciate that Komen constantly evolves to meet the needs of the populations they serve. For instance, Komen understood that the public was concerned about their donations towards Metastatic research. Therefore, in the past year they have significantly increased their effort to support this sub-population.

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