Ribbon Report Spotlight

October Spotlight: Ginger Bullington

Please describe how breast cancer has impacted your life.

I found out I had breast cancer the day after my 50th Birthday, so it felt like a double whammy.  It scared my husband and I, but we knew we were in it together.   I feel it brought us closer together, we appreciate each other more and every day is special because we are together.

Why are you participating in Komen on the Creeper?

My breast cancer was found early in my yearly mammogram and I want to raise money to ensure others have that same opportunity.

What would you want community members to know about Susan G. Komen?

 The majority of the money raised stays in the Blue Ridge area to support women who need medication and mammograms who might otherwise not be able to afford them.

Please describe an inspiring or uplifting experience you’ve had with Komen.

I have volunteered at and walked in the Komen Race for the Cure 5K in Roanoke and that is how I met Catherine and Lizzy.  Their passion for this cause is on their sleeve in every thing they do and every interaction they have.  They consistently are looking for ways to raise funds and support for women and men in our area.

What keeps you motivated and invested in your training for the 15-mile walk?

When I heard about the walk I just knew it was something I wanted to do for myself.  I have had 2 surgeries in the past year and it has been tough mentally and physically.  It symbolizes to me my inner strength and I what I can accomplish.

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